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A Galápagos Islands visit is an unparalleled personal experience with the natural world, best uncovered by an expeditionary Galápagos cruise or charter.  The enchanted isles promise to awe, entertain, and inspire.

Our Galápagos Journeys
Our Galápagos Journeys
Special offers for a limited time
Special offers for a limited time
Our Galápagos Blog
Our Galápagos Blog
  • We really appreciated your excellence in what you do. You thought of everything. The yacht was amazing, and the detail with which you organized and thought through everything was so impressive. Thanks for the effort and all your hard work. Every trip we've taken with you has been first-rate.

    B. Heron and Family
  • The family enjoyed the trip immensely. No one wanted to return home which is always a great indicator. Finch Bay Hotel in Galápagos did a great job. We all want to thank you for the time we were allowed to spend with Oswaldo in Quito. He is truly an amazing individual, a Renaissance Man if there ever was one. He added immensely to both our enjoyment and education on the trip.  

    Flint Family
  • We thoroughly enjoyed our travel experience and are filled with unforgettable memories. The Galápagos tour was fabulous - the boat, with great service and meals, and especially the guides!

    Kauffman Family
  • Thank you so much! We had the most amazing time in the Galápagos and would not trade it for anything!! The package was put together so well! Best honeymoon ever!

    M & A Howard
  • We had a great time. The guides and the Galápagos cruise were really wonderful. The boat was fine and I would recommend it to others. The Marriott in Quito was outstanding. The staff at the hotels were very good. The local guides were very good. Oz in Quito is a gem. Thank you for everything.

    L. Kominsky
  • It was such an amazing trip. We would travel with Alluring Americas anywhere. This one was truly a “once in a lifetime” trip. Let’s have another one soon!

    R & A Parks
  • We had the best time ever! We saw everything we wanted to see and more. I really would not change a thing. This trip has spoiled me. Thank you so much for all your hard work and liaison skills. Everything was greatly appreciated.  

    Koller Family

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